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Our methodology can be applied - with comparable efficacy - to any medical specialty, disease state, therapeutic area or mechanism of action.

Highest-Quality Data

We’ve been providing data and analytics to our pharma, biotech and medical device clients for over a decade now, so we know how important our data is to marketing and medical affairs stakeholders. We’re obsessed with quality because we know that many management decisions about key opinion leaders, medical experts and other thought leaders are based on the information we provide.

Custom Solutions

In our experience, no two projects are the same – be it identification, profiling, screening or analytics such as Fair Market Value or Competitive Analysis. We want to make sure Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and the Marketing field personnel get exactly results they need to make the decisions that will help them move their program forward successfully.

On-demand Services

All of our solutions are created on-demand, especially KOL Profiles. We’ve never been fans of the syndicated data model used by some healthcare research companies because somebody has to pay for the work that goes into unsold profiles and it’s the client, in the form of higher prices. Using a pure on-demand model lets us price our products competitively, which creates the best value for our clients.

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whitepaper: KOL payments in the time of scrutiny

This whitepaper explores KOL payments and the screening process that Act Healthcare Solutions adopts for all projects. Although Life Sciences companies are now willing to invest huge resources in accurately identifying medical experts, segmenting them, and managing KOL relationships, they often forget how critical it is to devote resources only to those KOLs who have not run amiss of federal codes or state licensing board regulations.

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